Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kony 2012

Some very interesting reads regarding the Invisible Children Campaign-

Now I am a firm believer in getting people to think about important issues. This celeb-obsessed society we have created which worships un-talented fools like the Jersey Shore idiots and Bieber must stop.

Then again its important to look into every issue carefully.

The Kony2012 campaign run by Invisible Children may only spend 32% of its funds on the charity and the remaining on expenses and raising awareness. But thats EXACTLY what needs to be done. We need to raise awareness. And not just about militant dictators like Kony and Mugabe. And the countless other people who are destroying their own species and planet.

I am a strong advocate for learning about world issues. I want my generation especially to wake up and smell the bullshit thrust under their noses on a daily basis in the form of media brain-washing and  educational crap spieled out in our schools.

I want people to start caring as apathy achieves nothing.

So here's my advise guys! Don't just share the Kony2012 video and believe 'I've done my bit for the world'. Get off your lazy backsides and do some serious research about the planet you live on. The LRA have been around for TWENTY years. Thats longer than i've been alive....we must question why it is that so few have heard about them. So educate yourselves..

And if you want to donate money to and know that its going directly to the cause, I would advise the following charities- (Stopping Witch-craft. Look into it. Amazing group)

And if you want to increase awareness about Kony in particular. Then give to invisible children-

And if you truely want to get off your derriere check out RedR. And become a humanitarian-

What Jason Russell is doing is good. That is undeniable. And I fully support the #StopKony action. But this is one of MANY many issues...don't forget that.

Oh and sign this petition as well-

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Tank Bangers- Underwater Charity Video

The Tank Bangers have finally released their new charity single! Our Blue which is available on the following links-

Was written and performed by The Tank Bangers over the course of the last 10 months. It took over 1300 dives to make and the end result includes some stunning footage.

All 100% of the proceeds from this song are going to marine charities; The Sea Shepherd, The Foundation for the Protection of Marine Mega-fauna, The United  Conservationists, Sharkproject, PRETOMA, and Cancer Research because they love people too!

So all YOU need to do is share this song. Put it on facebook, tweet about it,  email it to your dogs mums aunty's father. Get this film out there. Get this song heard.

And we might be able to help save the ocean,

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Tank Bangers- Blue Boom

The Tank Bangers, a marine conservation group with a difference have made a video showing that people from all over the world care about our ocean. This video is also advertising the release of the charity single 'Our Blue' which is coming out in December. 100% of the proceeds made are going to marine conservation charities; two of which include Project Aware and The Sea Shepherd.

This is a film that needs sharing, so facebook it, tweet it, email it to your mum. Let's get it out there!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


"A man walked along a beach covered with thousands of starfish that had washed up during a storm. Now they lay drying in the sun. A little girl was picking the fish up one by one and tossing them into the sea. He said to her "Why bother? There are too many, and you won't make much a difference." She picked up another star and tossed it into the water, turned to the man, and said, "I made a difference to that one."

How often do you personally help strangers? How often do you help a person you have never met before who can do nothing for you... This doesn’t only relate to humans by the way but all living beings. The other day I noticed a ladybird drowning in my bathtub. I saw her struggling against the water, bobbing along into the drain. Part of me wondered if it was too late to do anything but I decided to carry her out anyway, and dried her off by gently blowing on her wings. To some this may have seemed pointless. Why save an insignificant bug, that can never repay you? One that can never say thank you…But to me it wasn’t a stupid act at all. I think part of being human is having compassion for others. We have the ability to see importance in all living things, big and small.  

Every creature on our planet has a purpose. Even the irritating mosquito, who plagues us in our sleep, bites us and gives us malaria has a reason for existence. Malaria probably being the main one. Though hugely controversial and no doubt some will disagree, Malaria is one of many diseases required by nature to keep humans at a reasonable ‘level’, But like smallpox, we have defeated it. Beaten it with out ‘intelligence’. Hence why we are now ‘thriving’.  I would never wish this death on anyone, but I can understand why nature created the little mosquito.

But humans are not the only animal to help others altruistically. I’ve seen and read amazing stories about dolphins protecting surfers from sharks, dogs rescuing their owners from ponds and cows saving people from snakes….amazing acts of genuine kindness. Check this out- But why do some choose to ignore that. Choose to place animals into a category. The unworthy category. Stupid animals, living under the stars, not knowing what day of the week it is and struggling to survive.

 As mentioned in my previous post, dolphins are incredibly intellectual, and sensitive. I saw a heartbreaking clip yesterday, of Winter, the dolphin who is being showcased to the world in ‘Winters Tale’. Winter lost her tail, and was ‘rescued’ by Clearwater Aquarium, whom I fully believe did have good intentions. Originally. Now she is being exploited as this video shows-

According to the facebook group ‘Save the Blood Dolphins’ Winter had 6400 visitors just this past weekend. For an animal whose first encounter with people would have been when she was rescued from a crab trap, she is now being thrust into the public eye. Yellled at by people who want her to ‘move for them’ and ‘do something’ for their entertainment. This has gone from a rescue mission to cruelty. And I question whether it would have been kinder to put her to sleep then keep her in captivity for ever.

We can make differences. We can help strangers around us, whether it be a little old granny or a tiny ant they still deserve kindness. The little girl picking up the starfish has more knowledge of this world than the elderly man, and he would have seen more than five decades of life than her. Never forget about kindness.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vivre pour les Dauphins

 Dolphins. The people of the ocean. I learnt an interesting fact the other day, its not the size of your brain that indicates intelligence or blue whales and elephants would be ruling the planet. But the ratio between its size and your body. The smaller the ratio the ‘more intelligent’.  In relation to our body our brains are pretty big, therefore we have the ability to see things a little more deeply than other animals. Of course this is all speculation and I am a firm believer that animals have far more ‘intelligence’ than people give them credit for, and until we can have meaniful dicussions with them we will never know. But for arguments sake, the brain:body ratio equals more intelligence. Dolphins have a similar ratio to us. Marine biologists have discovered they have a hugely complex language, are able to reason with one another and even have names. Through squeaks they can call back their children, they ‘discipline’ their young by pressing them against the ground, and their offspring even return to visit once they’ve ‘flown the nest’. They are just like us.
But people have no problem treating them with complete utter contempt. We lock them up in tiny tanks, murder then for their poisoned meat. And sink their bodies with concrete to hide evidence of their death. Today I learned that this  and the practise of tying them with ropes to concrete blocks goes on in France. And here’s the proof-

A basic translation; French fishermen sometimes accidentally catch dolphins in their nets. Rather than trying to free them, or admitting that they have caught them-and informing the correct people- They tie them to concrete and let them sink to the bottom of the ocean. All evidence disappeared. However they didn’t predict that some sea loving divers would stumble across a graveyard of dead dolphins. Photos have been taken, it’s made the news. And it is now spreading around social media sites.  

What will it take for some people to have compassion towards other living beings? Its stories like this one that shocks me, but it’s another one off my ignorance list. I am aware. And I will try and stop it.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Imagine; your limbs are cut off, you're then thrown into an alien land and left to die. Alone. surrouded by creatures you've never seen before. And you can't even scream.

This is what happens to tens of millions of sharks every year. All for a bowl of soup.
A tasteless, but devasting meal.

Whale sharks are amazing creatures, and incredibly mysterious. We know little about their lives, yet have no problem stopping them from living.

This one has such a large circulation system that it will stay alive for another 30 minutes....bleeding, burning in the sun, then after all that it will suffocate.What will it take for people to understand the horrendous sufferings animals go through everyday just for our personal gain? The worst thing about the shark finning industry is that the rest of the shark is not used. Shark carcasses take up too much space on the boat, so there are cast away. Throw off the boat, where they then suffocate, or are eaten alive. 
Sharks feel pain. The same pain you feel when you stub a toe, or fall over. Except you've never felt the pain of having your arms cut off. Unimaginable, horrific pain. And they can't even tell us it hurts. 
Sharks as a species have been on the planet for 450 million years. They've seen the dinosaurs come and go, they've seen humans take over the world. I wonder what they would say to us if we could communicate. Probably 'You'll be gone soon enough, just like T-rex thought he was the boss, you do too and mother nature hates it'. The extinction of sharks is unthinkable but increasingly a reality. Being the apex predator makes them vital to maintain the oceans ecosytem.  Vital of cause means absolutely necessary, 100% essential. The same way our lungs, heart and brain is vital for our existence. Without my heart I cannot survive, with our sharks we cannot survive. 
The shark fin trade needs to stop immediatly. Its cruel, barbarric and humans should have advanced far beyond this now.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


“If an animal does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence”—Will Cuppy

“We are intelligent, that is an assumption. We have defined circumstances, we've defined behaviour as exhibited by humans versus other animals. We have defined that to be intelligent but would some other species make the same assessment.” The opening words of Dr deGrasse in the above video.  And it’s true.  

I have always been fascinated by ‘alien life’, to the point where I believe it is logically unacceptable to discount their existence. If I have the ‘Do Alien’s Exist?’ conversation with anyone and they say ‘no’ they will receive a lengthy ear-bashing. Some may rightfully say that’s ‘my opinon and I am wrong’, but if you really think about there is no possible way we are the only planet sustaining life in our universe. According to scientists out of all the stars 10% have planets, meaning there are roughly 20 billion solar systems. Of course this is all guess work. We are not technologically advanced enough to count the number of stars let alone planets and some of the stars we see in the sky have already died.

 But back to intelligence. There are people who dedicate their lives to communicating with ‘outer-space’. NASA being the big one. A group of highly intelligent beings seeking information about ‘the wonders of the universe.’ What I find slightly amusing and yet annoying is that they are more concerned about contacting a whole different life form when we can’t even communicate with our own. (As Dr G said).

We live amongst animals. In our homes, gardens, forests and oceans. Yet we have not had a (Again wise old Dr G said) meaningful conversation with any of them. Take my dog for example. I can order her to sit, come back and stop barking through words. However this is all one sided. Me giving orders. Not once has she even ‘spoken’ back. Another example is dolphins in captivity. They can understand hand signals and perform parlour tricks to entertain us as they are one of the most intelligent beings on this planet yet we, who deem our self the highest beings on earth, cannot understand them. At least there are some people attempting to,the Wild Dolphin Project are trying to decipher dolphin clicks in the hope that one day we will understand what they are saying. Fascinating stuff. and if it works that will be the end of The Taiji Cove Slaughter for sure. 

We need to be grateful for our planet. Its an amazing hub of life and incredibly mysterious. Rather than thinking animals as stupid we should try and understand them.

"We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words"  Anna Sewell,