Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Amazon sells Shark Products

The internet is a beautiful but deadly creation. In a matter of seconds you can find virtually anything online, talk to people that are thousands of miles away, book exciting holidays to foreign lands..and help towards the extinction of another species. Recently I discovered that Amazon a truely genius creation which allows you to easily purchase goods from around the world sells Shark products.  

Mr Bezos you should be ashamed.

Sharks are on the endangered species list. 
Adjective: (of a species) Seriously at risk of extinction
Extinction of course means no longer existing. Gone. Never to be seen again.
"Extinction is a difficult concept to fully appreciate. What has been is no more and never shall be again. It would take another creation and billions of years to recreate the passenger pigeon. It is the loss of billions of years of evolutionary programming. It is the destruction of beauty, the obliteration of truth, the removal of uniqueness, the scarring of the sacred web of life." - Captain Paul Watson.  

The fact that Amazon.com, an internationally known brand, is condoning Shark finning is disgraceful. A number of Tank Bangers sent Mr Bezos an email and his response was that 'Amazon caters to every customers needs'. So if we demanded tiger skin or panda bone would Amazon sell that? Bearing in mind that they too are endangered species. Due to their cuddly nature if such items did go on sale millions of people around the world would demand them to be taken off. But sadly Sharks are not so lucky. Due to bad media-portrayals from the Millions pound film Jaws to over-the-top hysterical newspapers Sharks are one of the most hated creatures on the planet. I know people that fear them so much they won't even go into the sea...
I personally think that Humans need fearing alot more. What other species premeditates death like us? What other species gets enjoyment out of pain and suffering.

  Apart from being the oceans apex predator and vital for maintainng the oceans delicate ecosytem sharks are amazing creatures. Their population has also declined NINTY PERCENT in the last 40 years and its predicted that by as early as 2030 there will be non left.. Sharks like us take 10-15 years to reach sexual maturity and they simply can't breed fast enough to cope with the drastic over-fishing. 100million sharks are killed a year, with 50% of that being from by-catch (aka fishing for other fish and sharks accidentally being caught). Thats insane. 
Luckily there are some individuals that want this to stop. There are a number of Marine Conservation groups poping up like The Tank Bangers (see link at top of page) who are passionate about saving the sea and all its marine inhabitants. They have created this petition to ask Amazon to re-think its Shark selling ways- 

Please sign Petition to Amazon to Remove Shark Products.
We need to preserve these amazing creatures for our future generations to enjoy.

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