Sunday, 11 September 2011

Blue Fin Tuna

 Fish, the number one source of Omega 3 and they makes lovely pies. I used to eat fish every day of the week with tuna toasties, salmon en croute and cod being staple parts of my diet. And I will be the first to admit Fish tastes good. But this was before I saw the film The End of the Line and discovered the sheer unsustainability of the fishing industry.
 Tuna stocks in particular are at an unbelievable low, with blue fin tuna being predicted to be extinct by as early as next year. Question time- What does Mitsubushi mean to you? I used to hear that word and immediately think car. Now I think differently, the first word that comes to mind is tuna. This Japanese company is stocking twenty thousand tonnes of blue fin tuna a year, so that when it does become extinct they can sell it at extortionate prices and makes some serious money. This logic is insane. Companies like this should be doing all they can to ensure the survival of our fellow beings, not driving them into extinction for some quick cash.

Of course there are a multitude of problems that occur when fishing. 100,000,000 sharks are killed a year.  And 50% of these are caught in by-catch when fishing for the likes of cod and tuna.  Not to mention the thousands of dolphins, turtles and other animals killed by accident. Its by-catch that is destroying our oceans. And according to studies it is said that anywhere between 6.8- 27 millions tonnes of fish and marine animals are discarded every year. These animals are dying for no reason.

Above long line and net fishing I hate trawlers the most. These are giant nets attached to huge metal beams which are then dragged along the ocean floor destroying everything in their path.  I see people eating Shrimp Sushi and Prawn salads and wonder if they have any idea of the impact that their lunch had on the ocean. The environmental damage these have is crazy and they causes large scale deconstruction. The coral on the sea bed is killed and the marine life stolen. Trawlers even impact Whales. Blue whales breed and give birth in warm, tropical waters then after their calf is born they migrate north to where the sea is cooler.  With trawlers destroying the sea bed the whales have less food. Not only do they have natures stuggles to deal with by travelling thousands of miles but now ours.

The next time you see a fish and chip shop and feel tempted to go in. Just think of the damage done to the ocean for five minutes of taste. 

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