Monday, 19 September 2011


“Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.” Benjamin Franklin

As my first post stated ‘We all need money’.  I resent that. I resent the fact that everything from our food, shelter and even our water costs money. I understand that money is a logical step in the path to becoming an advanced civilisation but I can’t help hating everything about it. People are controlled by it, they drift around their un-fulfilled lives earning, spending, earning, saving, and occasionally loosing. Gambling is a classic example of this. I always say if I ever gambled I would set a limit, once I’ve made that limit I would ‘leave the table’.  But doesn’t everyone say that? think that…hope that. I imagine most people walk into a casino with the same wish of self –control but how many actually follow it through. We are all greedy. We all have that selfish desire for more. More food, more clothes, more ‘happiness’. I will be the first to admit I eat when I want, what and want and will far surpass my body’s physical need for food. But eating makes me happy. It seems most people dedicate their lives to the famous saying ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure helps’.

I have to question happiness. Though I truly believe everyone is entitled to it, and should dedicate their lives to being happy I can’t help but wonder.  Should we allow people like Hatem Yavuz to be happy?  People that gain happiness from the death and suffering of other living beings. Should we allow people to make money from the exploitation of their fellow man or from the manipulation and corruption so many perform nowadays. I say no.

And this brings me to my title ‘Change’. As an aspiring marine conservationist many windows have been opened to me, in the sense that I can now see what’s going on. But far more doors have been closed. After all When one argues against the origins of another mans money, they rarely receive a welcome and people are reluctant to change. Take Sea World for example. I have already given my views on captivity especially relating to this main perpetrator. However as with everything there is a reason why these places are open. Money.  According to a brief Google search Sea World makes a revenue of 181 million dollars a year. With environmentalists and conservationists alike arguing ‘Animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity it’s cruel’ versus a huge wad of cash it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why these places are still open. And they will fight to keep the average person naïve. Freedom of speech disappears when you are questioning the moralities of huge company like this. Today myself and a number of like minded people commented on the above photo, informing sea world of our disgust at training sea lions to be ‘human playthings’. It took a matter of minutes before our comments where deleted. 

The 'allowed' comments consisted of people saying 'WOW Can't wait too go!!!' and the harsher- "Why dont u stop being a hippy and grow up Andrew.... Sea wold does alot for the animals they have and thay have rescued and released hundreds of animals." in reply to one of our commentors. People need to stop confusing conservationlists with Hippies. They are not the same. I for one despise a huge majority of people. Therefore by simple definition I don't love enough to be a hippy.  And by simply existing Sea World is hurting animals. 

 I will face many closed doors in my life, no one likes being told to stop what they are doing. But if I make more people aware then I consider it a well spent existence. And through Education we will prevail.

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