Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Concept of Nothing

When researching about the Big Bang a few years ago I started to think about existence of ‘nothing’. As stated in the BB theory the universe appeared from nothing. BOOM, some intense heat, and forces such as gravity appeared. Years later (apparently 13.7 billion but how they figured that out I’ll never know) planets formed and through evolution we arrived in all our glory. But how did it start?  Even religious people who can vouch our personal existence on the hand of God are lost when asked ‘Where did God come from?’  He/She/It came from somewhere, or should I say nowhere. But people, like myself cannot seem to comprehend the idea of ‘nothing’.

As after all once you start thinking about nothing, it becomes something. We humans have a strangely strong desire to name everything. It makes logical sense as one cannot talk about the existence of an unnamed entity, or ‘thing’. We would forever be explaining long drawn out descriptions if everything was nameless. But why can’t we accept the existence of ‘nothing’. The existence of the nameless. 

If you believe in the Big Bang you will be fully aware that the universe is constantly expanding. I was talking to a friend about this and asked her
‘What is it expanding into?’
Her immediate response was ‘space’.
‘Define space’ I said.
And she came out with the typical ‘black’ never-ending’ etc.
 I simply replied ‘I believe it is expanding into ‘nothing’.

A few hours later she returned after speaking to her boyfriend and said ‘But ‘nothing’ can’t exist, it must be something’.

Proving that people cannot begin to understand our universe. I believe in the existence of nothing but cannot begin to explain it to people. When I asked a science teacher the same original question; ‘What is the universe expanding into?’ He said that he personally believes ‘space’ is like an optical illusion. Intertwining and never ending. But was stumped when I asked ‘What lies outside of the illusion?.

Another friend managed to interpret my meaning and cleverly said ‘It’s like a box Imagine space as a box' What lies outside of the box?’ That’s what I want to know.

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