Thursday, 8 September 2011


We are born into this world with nothing, and we leave it with nothing. The wealth we accumulate and possessions we buy become meaningless on our deathbeds. However there is one thing that gains more power than ever in this brief moment of final existence, and that is love. The love of our friends, family and the people we have encountered during our short time on this planet.

When questioned, most people would admit that they would want to attend their own funeral. To see the face’s of all the people that cared about them one last time. We’ve all lost someone, whether it be a childhood pet or the love of our lives. We’ve all felt that pain to know that you’ll never hear them laugh again, see them smile, or simply be in their presence. Death itself seems so conclusive and final. But it isn’t. Those that are lost still live amongst the living. Whether it be through a fond memory, a photograph or a particularly meaningful yet seamlessly random object, they still live on.

We are all afraid of death some more so than others. I have seen the last decade of my life flash by in an instance and can sense that the next few will go by as equally fast. Some of us ignore this inescapable eventuality and dedicate our lives to ‘living for the moment’. Others dwell on it daily and end up spending more time contemplating their last breathe than actually living. This is one of the reasons that I personally have come to the decision to enjoy every moment I have and encourage others to do the same. If you hear something funny laugh until your sides hurt and you’re gasping for breath! After all that’s the only proper way to laugh. If you have an opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally consider, take it. Enjoy it. And if there are people in your life that make you miserable cut them out. Why suffer for them?

Some people feel the need to leave their mark, a little piece of them to be remembered before they go. I see graffiti on the walls of our cities and wonder if its not just mindless vandalism, but a way of that individual making their presence known to society. Their way of continuing after death. Others make a more profound example and try to change things. Whether it be through charity like Mother Teresa or through Politics like Winston Churchill, both who will forever be remembered as their legacies live on in the history books. 

Theres only one thing I want before I leave on this planet. And that is peace. Undeniably cheesy, but true. I want peace between our fellow beings, peace between us and animals and peace in ourselves. As after all the greatest battles we fight are the daily struggles in oneself.

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