Tuesday, 6 September 2011


What is fear? We’ve all felt it, seen it in the eyes of others and at times created it yet what is it? The factual definition is its ‘an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.’ We all fear things, whether it be through perceived or true threats.

Big bugs such as spiders terrify me. I only have to hear that ones in the house and I go into a frenzy of sheer panic. But why do I fear them? They’re not dangerous; likely to cause pain or harm me in any way nor are they a threat, so is the factual definition of fear wrong? For me fear is an almost indescribable feeling, the classic ‘hairs stand up’ on the back of my neck, I feel ‘ice cold’ and my heart pounds. All natural defence mechanisms given to us to survive but the actual emotional feeling is very difficult to describe.

And of course there’s the greatest fear of all. The fear of the unknown.

The universal question that we all ask some point in our lives is ‘Why are we here? Why do I exist?...What is the meaning of life.’  A biologist will tell you that your meaning in life is to procreate, a religious person will tell you that it’s to worship your creator, but I personally think we have to make our own meaning.

We are born meaningless.

Of course this will bring up the Fate & Destiny arguments. Do we chose the path we live or do we simply walk down the road created for us? I’d like to believe that every thing I've done in my life was down to choice, personal decisions that have made me who I am today. But a ‘Fate-ist’ can always and rightfully argue that I have never made a choice in my life. Everything was laid out for me the moment I came into existence and will continue to until I die.

And this is why we fear the unknown. Humans have the huge desire to understand everything around them, yet we can not even answer the most important question of all. The question of our existence.

Our planet has been perfectly created. Yes there’s horrendous suffering; people living without food and water, children being abused…but the planet itself is perfect. Every species play a hugely important role in maintaining the delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystem. Plants grow and produce oxygen which without it there would be no life; we then return the favour and produce carbon dioxide to feed them. Not even a single drop of water is wasted in the natural world as it is returned to us in the form of clouds. But there is one creature on earth that though from a biological standpoint is a perfect creation, is far from faultless. People.

What we fear we kill. Senselessly and without hesitation. we fight over religion as we fear our Gods, we kill animals that attack us when we invade their homes and we kill without even understanding why. Next time you see a spider on your wall rathering than mindlessly stomping on it stop for a moment and think of its reason for existence.

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