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*Warning- This post contains frank information; and the Video at the bottom contains scenes of a highly distressing nature.*

Something I’ve noticed recently is the increase in fake fur products sold in high-street shops. For fashion-conscious people this may be brilliant news as real fur is expensive. But for me it only means one thing. That the top-end fashion designers are using real fur in their current lines. After all fashion trickles down the ladder from runway to retail.

Before I started on this ‘eco’ path I was unbelievably blind to my surroundings. A few years ago when shopping (I should clarify it was the window kind) in Harrods there were fur protestors outside the main doors, doing the ‘throwing red paint’ charade. I remember thinking ‘Stupid hippies’ and then went directly to the fur department and lovingly stroked the expensive purchases hoping one day I may own one. I never once thought about where the fur came from. I knew that real fur clothing existed; I knew that the fur came from animals but that was the extent of my knowledge. I didn’t realise that China has huge fur farms where animals are kept in cages so small they can barely turn around. They spend all day treading on their own filth when finally after a few years of a horrendous existence then are anally electrocuted and in some cases skinned alive. The reason for doing this is so that the fur isn’t damaged in any way.  All this for a coat.

Every year roughly 130,000 Seals are hunted and clubbed to death around the world, in Canada, Namibia, Greenland, Norway and Russia. And there is one main man behind this, Hatem Yavuz. A Turkish business man living a life of luxury in Sydney, Australia. His fur empire funding his expensive lifestyle and he has even been quoted saying ‘He loves what he is doing’. I have to question what his parents did to him as a child. Because ordering people to a club baby seal to death is not what most would consider enjoyable.

As with Shark fin Soup, Fur is a sad example of the curse of the wealthy. Shark fin is tasteless and it’s the broth that makes it have any flavour. But because sharks were rarely caught they were held in high-esteem and only royalty used to eat them.  People that wear real mink coats and arctic fox hats are showing their wealth to the world because these items are expensive.  It’s the same as wearing a Rolex or driving a posh car. Except this time a living being has had to die. However as with most things it has become accessible to the lower strains of society. We have been able to manufacture fake fur, and fake leather through clever technology. But rather than people graciously excepting these, they have given them a further push down the ladder. Fake products like these don’t equal animal friendly in the minds of the average persons. It equals cheap.

These video is a clip from Earthlings and I will never get these images out of my head. But I think to truly understand something you have to learn about it as much as possible. Therefore I watch these videos, find pictures and read the information in some vain hope that I might make just one person re-consider the world around them.

When researching the Seal Slaughtering I came across a quote from the legendary Jacques Cousteau himself-

"We have to be logical. We have to aim our activity first to the endangered species. Those who are moved by the plight of the harp seal could also be moved by the plight of the pig - the way they are slaughtered is horrible."

I completely agree. Again it comes back to the ‘cute factor’. A baby seal is adorable, a pig. Not so much.
But right now I am focusing on the fur trade. So please sign the petition at the bottom of this page!

We have got to stop putting priorities on one species over another. And its time the fur industry disappeared.

Some interesting Links- Natures Sound- Voice of the Seals

Petition time- End Namibia's Seal Cull 

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