Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Home & The Meat Industry

I watched a brilliant film last night called Home

Beautifully made, stunning footage and it leaves a real impact after watching.  But why is it that most kids and adults never seem to react to films like this. At school we are shown footage of millions of trees being cut down and given 'fun facts' like Twenty nine million, eight hundred thousand trees (29,800,000) are cut down every day in the world & every 3 seconds a football field of trees is cut down. They watch these films while doodling on paper, (which are then scrunched up hurriedly and thrown in the nearest non-recycling rubbish bin before the lights come back) and continue their daily lives. I know this because I was one of them. I used to sit in Geography and R.E, watch films about deforestation and factory farming and forget about it by the next lesson.

Of course deforestation and the meat industry are inextricably linked. Millions of trees are cut down to farm soya beans, which are then fed in mass to cattle (as they have no grass) so they can be slaughtered and made into Maccy D's. But they don't tell you that in lessons.

 The meat business is one of the most controversial industries on the planet. The most ethical questions being 'Is it right to kill a sentient being to feed ourselves?’. After all animals feel pain just as much as we do. Gary Yourofsky made a very good point when he asked a group of University students-

 'If you put an apple and a rabbit into a baby's cot which one will the baby eat? The answer is of course the apple, we are conditioned to eat meat from childhood but it is not in our nature'.

 I have heard various responses from this with the majority saying the same thing 'But it is in our nature, we have been killing animals since caveman days'. I guess the main question is 'What is the definition of nature?' My personal belief is that nature is an innate instinctual presence in our selves that we have little or no control over. It is in our nature to reproduce to continue our species, it’s also natural to breathe, eat and sleep. In humans it is our nature to be curious, we need to explore and advance ourselves. So of course farming cows and other living beings is simply a logical step in easing the main goal of feeding ourselves isn’t it? But again...going back to what’s natural. Would you stalk a deer in the forest, jump on it with no weapons, slay it with your own power then eat its blood soaked raw flesh? That’s natural for a wolf, a bear...but is it natural for us? We can't even eat meat on its own. We have to flavour it with spices and sauces to make it taste nice. And I’ll be one of the first to admit that a bacon sandwich is one of the finest smelling and tasting things on this planet. But after seeing a pig being slaughtered in the film Earthlings I have to question whether taste is worth the terrible ordeal that those animals have to go through to feed us.

I have always loved the saying’ Knowledge is power’ especially being an avid reader as a child. However the world’s governments know everything that is happening on this planet. They have the Knowledge, and they have the Power yet they use neither because like everything else money is the driving force. Money is the modern day evil.  Watch Home, Watch Earthlings. Then at least you’re aware of what’s happening.

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