Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Taiji Dolphin Slaughter- 'The Cove'

 "If the world finds out they'll shut us down". The famous words from the Oscar winning film 'The Cove'.

Well the world found out, and it's still going on. Why? Whether its lack of care from the average person, the feeling that 'nothing can be done' (which i'll come back to) or the fact that not enough people have seen the film I don't know. But what I do understand is that this CAN be stopped.

23,000 dolphins a year are caught in what Ric O'barry described as 'a dolphin's worst nightmare'. The Cove of Taiji. Taiji fishermen hold long poles in the sea and continuously tap them while driving their boats back towards land. Dolphins have incredibly sensitive hearing and can't stand the noise so swim away from it...directly into the waiting nets of the cove. The 'prettiest' ones are then sent to a life of captivity in places like Sea World and the rest mercilessly slaughtered and falsely sold to the japanese public as Whale Meat. Dolphin meat is dangerously high in mercury and is incredibly toxic to ingest. So the Japanese goverment thought of a great solution to get rid of it. They 'generously' gave it out for free in children's school lunches...in short they posioned their own kids. Thankfully that has stopped now. But the murdering hasn't.

As for thinking that your only one person, ten people or a few thousand. Believe me, there are lots of singular people that want this to stop. In fact 2.3 million people have signed numerous petitions asking to Stop this Slaughter.  

Sign this one and Help save Japans Dolphin.

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