Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Imagine; your limbs are cut off, you're then thrown into an alien land and left to die. Alone. surrouded by creatures you've never seen before. And you can't even scream.

This is what happens to tens of millions of sharks every year. All for a bowl of soup.
A tasteless, but devasting meal.

Whale sharks are amazing creatures, and incredibly mysterious. We know little about their lives, yet have no problem stopping them from living.

This one has such a large circulation system that it will stay alive for another 30 minutes....bleeding, burning in the sun, then after all that it will suffocate.What will it take for people to understand the horrendous sufferings animals go through everyday just for our personal gain? The worst thing about the shark finning industry is that the rest of the shark is not used. Shark carcasses take up too much space on the boat, so there are cast away. Throw off the boat, where they then suffocate, or are eaten alive. 
Sharks feel pain. The same pain you feel when you stub a toe, or fall over. Except you've never felt the pain of having your arms cut off. Unimaginable, horrific pain. And they can't even tell us it hurts. 
Sharks as a species have been on the planet for 450 million years. They've seen the dinosaurs come and go, they've seen humans take over the world. I wonder what they would say to us if we could communicate. Probably 'You'll be gone soon enough, just like T-rex thought he was the boss, you do too and mother nature hates it'. The extinction of sharks is unthinkable but increasingly a reality. Being the apex predator makes them vital to maintain the oceans ecosytem.  Vital of cause means absolutely necessary, 100% essential. The same way our lungs, heart and brain is vital for our existence. Without my heart I cannot survive, with our sharks we cannot survive. 
The shark fin trade needs to stop immediatly. Its cruel, barbarric and humans should have advanced far beyond this now.

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