Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vivre pour les Dauphins

 Dolphins. The people of the ocean. I learnt an interesting fact the other day, its not the size of your brain that indicates intelligence or blue whales and elephants would be ruling the planet. But the ratio between its size and your body. The smaller the ratio the ‘more intelligent’.  In relation to our body our brains are pretty big, therefore we have the ability to see things a little more deeply than other animals. Of course this is all speculation and I am a firm believer that animals have far more ‘intelligence’ than people give them credit for, and until we can have meaniful dicussions with them we will never know. But for arguments sake, the brain:body ratio equals more intelligence. Dolphins have a similar ratio to us. Marine biologists have discovered they have a hugely complex language, are able to reason with one another and even have names. Through squeaks they can call back their children, they ‘discipline’ their young by pressing them against the ground, and their offspring even return to visit once they’ve ‘flown the nest’. They are just like us.
But people have no problem treating them with complete utter contempt. We lock them up in tiny tanks, murder then for their poisoned meat. And sink their bodies with concrete to hide evidence of their death. Today I learned that this  and the practise of tying them with ropes to concrete blocks goes on in France. And here’s the proof-

A basic translation; French fishermen sometimes accidentally catch dolphins in their nets. Rather than trying to free them, or admitting that they have caught them-and informing the correct people- They tie them to concrete and let them sink to the bottom of the ocean. All evidence disappeared. However they didn’t predict that some sea loving divers would stumble across a graveyard of dead dolphins. Photos have been taken, it’s made the news. And it is now spreading around social media sites.  

What will it take for some people to have compassion towards other living beings? Its stories like this one that shocks me, but it’s another one off my ignorance list. I am aware. And I will try and stop it.

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