Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kony 2012

Some very interesting reads regarding the Invisible Children Campaign-

Now I am a firm believer in getting people to think about important issues. This celeb-obsessed society we have created which worships un-talented fools like the Jersey Shore idiots and Bieber must stop.

Then again its important to look into every issue carefully.

The Kony2012 campaign run by Invisible Children may only spend 32% of its funds on the charity and the remaining on expenses and raising awareness. But thats EXACTLY what needs to be done. We need to raise awareness. And not just about militant dictators like Kony and Mugabe. And the countless other people who are destroying their own species and planet.

I am a strong advocate for learning about world issues. I want my generation especially to wake up and smell the bullshit thrust under their noses on a daily basis in the form of media brain-washing and  educational crap spieled out in our schools.

I want people to start caring as apathy achieves nothing.

So here's my advise guys! Don't just share the Kony2012 video and believe 'I've done my bit for the world'. Get off your lazy backsides and do some serious research about the planet you live on. The LRA have been around for TWENTY years. Thats longer than i've been alive....we must question why it is that so few have heard about them. So educate yourselves..

And if you want to donate money to and know that its going directly to the cause, I would advise the following charities- (Stopping Witch-craft. Look into it. Amazing group)

And if you want to increase awareness about Kony in particular. Then give to invisible children-

And if you truely want to get off your derriere check out RedR. And become a humanitarian-

What Jason Russell is doing is good. That is undeniable. And I fully support the #StopKony action. But this is one of MANY many issues...don't forget that.

Oh and sign this petition as well-